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Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends, and Eerie Events. A collection of ghost stories from ballplayers, coaches and stadium workers. Some of baseball's biggest name talk about ghosts in ballparks, haunted visiting team hotels and curses far beyond the Cubs and Red Sox.


Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon are co-authors of Field of Screams: Creepy Tales from the Baseball Diamond, the Locker Room and Beyond and Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends & Eerie Events.


Now in its fifth printing, Haunted Baseball is a best-selling collection of bizarre accounts gathered from interviews with over 800 current and former professional ballplayers and coaches and a few hundred more stadium workers. The book contains firsthand stories from some of baseball's biggest names who talk about ghosts in ballparks, haunted visiting team hotels and curses far beyond the Cubs and Red Sox.


The much-anticipated follow-up, Field of Screams captures the sometimes bone-chilling, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes hilarious stories that make their way around clubhouses, team buses and water coolers. The authors document more of the fun folklore that surrounds the game but to which fans have not previously had access.


Inside these pages we learn the surprising truth about the buried David Ortiz jersey at the new Yankee Stadium and the foul details about the Yankees community undergarment. You’ll hear spine-tingling stories about the corridors underneath Angel Stadium and about the late Georgia Peach running the bases at Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park. Babe Ruth’s granddaughter talks about the miracles her grandfather spins on an almost daily basis. And Pittsburgh Pirates players and alums share stories about the haunted Roberto Clemente room. Casting a wider net than Haunted Baseball, the authors explore rumors of ghosts, voodoo, evil spirits, monster forces and shift-shaping demons in and around baseball facilities in Asia and Latin America.


Field of Screams captures the soul of the game and memorializes its legendary players and historic moments. From haunted hotels to clubhouse poltergeists to departed Hall-of-Famers who don’t know the game is over, Field of Screams is chock full of fun, quirky stories that will please skeptics and believers alike.

Like a pair of ghost busters, Gordon and Bradley have mined a rich underground of bizarre and often unexplainable tales to liven up our reading.

Library Journal

Over the course of their  years of research on Major and Minor League stadiums all over the map, Bradley and Gordon unearthed quite a few examples of heartwarming, poignant baseball mysticism.

…contains a wealth of anecdotes that have never been told…an entertaining and eerie look at our national pastime.

Society of American Baseball Research

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you will walk away from the book with a new appreciation of


baseball history.

The Sports Review

Has the supernatural bases covered.

Boston Herald

...a fun read ...even the most knowledgeable of baseball fans will learn something they did not know.

Japan Times

Haunted houses are so passé when there are haunted baseball fields screaming for our attention.

Herald News

Authors Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon talked to seemingly every Yankee alive about all the ones who aren't, and how they hang around the stadium, lending ectoplasmic assistance.

New York Sun

… a catalog of haunted clubhouses and ghostly outfields … keep[s] baseball's legacy of weirdness alive.

Rocky Mountain News

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