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Altogether over 1,000 current and former professional ballplayers were interviewed for Haunted Baseball and Field of Screams. Along the way, hundreds of current and former MLB players (including Jim Thome, Derek Jeter, Jason Varitek, Alex Rodriguez, C. C. Sabathia, Evan Longoria, Barry Bonds, Omar Vizquel, Chipper Jones, Mike Piazza, Michael Young, Roy Halladay, Rickey Henderson, Paul Konerko, Derrek Lee, Tim Lincecum, David Wright and many others) share their perspectives and experiences, both amusing and mysterious.  With a wealth of anecdotes that have never before been told, the authors present an entertaining and eerie look at our national pastime.

Selected quotes from Haunted Baseball & Field of Screams:

Mike Piazza: "I think that there was definitely an energy there."

Todd Jones: "They say it's haunted. I've heard that the walls breathe in and out."

John Frascatore: "You would hear the screams coming from the rooms, the pounding on the doors and walls."

Terry Adams: "Balls go into the vines [at Wrigley Field] and days later, no balls. It's weird -- they just disappear."

Kent Mercker: "The clubhouse guy was cleaning up one night and all the chairs moved on their own."

CC Sabathia: "The elevator door opens up and a gust of wind goes past us. I had chills."

Troy Glaus: "They said that they built the stadium on old Indian burial grounds. That's why a lot of bad things happened."

Bronson Arroyo: “When you’re alone in there and taking a nap in the afternoon, you know there’s just the picture on the wall of him [Clemente] sitting there, it gets a little creepy.”

Rickey Henderson : "The ghosts take over on who is going to win the ball game."

Mike Gallego: “When you were walking down to the old batting cages in the back, you always felt that.”

Alex Rodriguez:  “I believe it as a home player and I believed it as a visiting player.  I think Yankee Stadium has one of the greatest home field advantages in all of sports.  You just feel like the ghosts of Yankee Stadium are overlooking the guys in the pinstripes.”

Jason Giambi: “Everybody laughs about it and jokes about it, but I’ve seen some weird things happen there.”

Omar Vizquel: "So you wonder is that a message from Jimmy Warfield, or if that was Jimmy Warfield's ghost walking around."

Michael Young: "My roommate wakes me up in the middle of the night and says he saw a ghost above him."

Jay Gibbons: “I haven’t turned the lights off since at that hotel.”

Buck Showalter: "I would hear noises in Yankee Stadium when I slept there, and I figured it was the Babe. And if it was 2 A.M., I figured he was just getting in."

Chipper Jones: "I don't know if it's Babe, Lou, or whoever. But it's not Derek Jeter coming to bat, but somebody else."

Ellis Burks: "I just saw a woman walk across my room. And I'm not tripping. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I'm not imagining this."

Adrian Beltre: "Some crazy [woman] wanted to kill me. I was scared. Real scared."

Gary Sheffield: "I heard the knocking and I'm a heavy sleeper."

Roy Halladay: ”I don’t know what it was, but I called the front desk to change rooms.”

Luke Allen: “I’m convinced I saw what I saw. I was awake. I was conscious. I know I saw a moving shadow.”

John Shelby: “So my eyes are wide open now. I’m laying there. It’s dark. And now I’m real focused. I try to convince myself I'm just hearing things. And the next thing I know,

I hear it again! And it’s right by my ear!”

Jose Santiago: “When you get into that place, when you see that place, you get scared. Because it has, like, angels on the walls.”

Chad Harville: “Everybody was talking about it. Everybody said, ‘Watch

out for the ghosts!’ You hear the stories before you go.”

Luis Figueroa: “We grabbed our knives and went under the covers, because they’re ghosts and they can be inside the covers, too.”

Coco Crisp: “That whole night I was wide-eyed.”

Trent Durrington: “I’m positive I saw something. To this day, I still say it was a ghost.”

Matt Treanor: “I would do any type of test, like a polygraph or anything, to verify my story.”

Garry Templeton: “It was the weirdest thing I ever encountered. The ball never came down.”

Ernie Rousseau: “It was a fair ball that was never found, and it was not over the outfielder’s head.  That I can swear to God.”

Alex Rios: “One night I heard some noises and somebody was knocking on my door in the middle of the night and I got scared.”

Billy Wagner:  “In the night, you would hear the old bellman coming by your room and turn the lights on and stuff. ... And the lights would flicker on. I got no sleep for three days. None.”

Jeff Weaver: "It seemed like the ghosts of Tiger Stadium were with us... It sent chills down our spine."

Greg Underwood, Tiger Stadium security guard: “I was doing rounds at one o’clock in the morning, walking down a hallway by the Tigers locker room. At the end of the hallway is the groundskeeper’s room. And I saw some kind of orb come out of that room. I was walking toward it and it kept moving toward me—this strange ball of light.”

Ramon Verduzco, former vendor at Dodger Stadium: "I saw it quite a few times in my twenty years working at [Dodger Stadium]. One time I actually brought a laser pointer that I used as part of my selling tools in my stand, and I pointed it at it to see what the hell it was, and it didn't disappear. It pretty much hovered around the field."

Robert Fick: “I have a picture of me running around second base and there’s a light shining down on my helmet.”

Delwyn Young: "You can feel something--you know, like somebody's standing behind you and you turn around? Like you're being watched. There's eyes in the cage always."

Ernie Young: “There was a hand over my mouth. I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t

yell or anything. There was nothing I could do about it.”

Dane Sardinha: “I woke up and saw someone sitting at the end of my bed,

facing the other way.”

J. D. Durbin: “I turned my head and saw a guy in green-and-white striped long-sleeved shirt, spiky blondish hair, laying on his back on the bed with his elbow by my face.”

Jeff Liefer: “He was walking real morbidly—sinisterly. He looked kind of like what you would imagine a ghost would look like.”

Charlie Vascellaro, Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum Docent: “That’s the Babe’s ghost shining recognition on these construction guys. He’s saying, ‘Look at these guys who died building this ballpark.’ ”

Jeff Bennett: “There’s no doubt I saw her. There are several people who

have seen things like that there.”

Pat Hagerty, Pittsburgh Pirates Minor League Equipment Manager: “Nobody will stay in that room. None of the Latin kids, for sure. Because they are scared of ghosts—honestly.”

J Burkhart, Rochester NY paranormal investigator: “I think my favorite was the disembodied head that’s floating out of one of the dugouts.”

Ben Blake, baseball memorabilia collector: “In some of the photos, the eyes followed you.”

Angel Miranda: “They hear a lot of horses in a tunnel underneath the hotel and see blood."

Milton Bradley: “I’m not one of those guys that believes in all kinds of little stuff.  But that bird, something about that bird.”

Carlos Pena: “We always knew it was haunted. Just getting there, the front desk, everything just seemed like out of those horror movies."

Ron Davis: “We went in and there was nothing burnt, there was nothing charred. No one could figure out anything.”

Rob Mackowiak: “I don’t think I want to play with anybody’s ashes out there.”

Jim Thome: "Whether that was coincidence or not, that was cool."

Troy Percival: "You walk out of the [clubhouse] and lights would be on when you came back in, and you were the only one there."

Johnny Damon: "I was awake and I was trying to move and I just couldn't. I passed the time thinking, 'A ghost is holding me down.'"

Coco Crisp: "That whole night I was wide-eyed."

Partial List of Player & Manager/Coach Interviews

Bobby Abreu

Terry Adams

Benny Agbayani
Edguardo Alfonso
Luke Allen
Sandy Alomar
Moises Alou
Brian Anderson
Garret Anderson
Marlon Anderson
Kevin Appier

Masahiro Araki
Dan Ardell
Dan Ardoin
Bronson Arroyo
Rich Aurilla

Brad Ausmus
Harold Baines
Dusty Baker
Russell Banyan
Rod Barajas
Clint Barmes
Mike Barnett
Miguel Batista
Jason Bay
David Bell
Mark Bellhorn
Carlos Beltran
Adrian Beltre
Armando Benitez
Jeff Bennett
Dave Berg
Yogi Berra
Joe Blanton
Willie Bloomquist
Jeremy Bonderman

Barry Bonds
Chris Booker
Aaron Boone
Pat Borders
Ricky Bottalico
Jason Bots
Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd
Milton Bradley
Darren Bragg
Dewon Brazelton
Scott Breeden
Jim Brower
Adrian Brown
Bobby Brownlie
John Buck
Mark Buehrle
Dave Burba
Erick Burke
Jamie Burke
Ellis Burks
Rick Burleson
Adrian Burnside
Pat Burrell
Brett Butler
Daniel Cabrera
Mike Cameron

Jose Canseco
Jorge Cantu
Hector Carrasco
Gary Carter
Scott Cassidy
Alberto Castillo

Joba Chamberlain
Chris Chambliss
Eric Chavez

Scott Chiasson
Hee-Seop Choi
Shin-soo Choo
Alex Cintron
Jeff Cirillo
Brady Clark
Brandon Claussen
Royce Clayton
JD Closser
Greg Coburn
Roman Colon
Jeff Conine
Cecil Cooper
Aaron Cook
Alex Cora
Joey Cora
Rheal Cormier
Pat Corrales
Chris Coste
Humberto Cota
Bobby Cox
Joe Crede
Cesar Crespo
Jack Cressend

Coco Crisp
Jacob Cruz
Johnny Damon
Brian Daubach
Kyle Davies
Kane Davis

Rajai Davis
Ron Davis
Carlos Delgado
Dave Delucci
Rick Dempsey

Blake DeWitt
Bobby Dews
Matt Diaz
Brendan Donnelly
Rich Donnelly
JD Drew
Jason Dubois
Chad Durbin
JD Durbin
Trent Durrington
Jermaine Dye
Adam Eaton
David Eckstein
Jim Edmonds
Dave Eiland
Dave Elder
Brad Eldred
Mark Ellis

Jacoby Ellsbury
Scott Erickson
Darin Erstad
Andre Ethier
Dwight Evans
Tom Evans
Carl Everett
Brandon Fahey
Sal Fasano
Jeff Fassero
Pedro Feliz
Jared Fernandez
Jose Fernandez
Dave "Boo" Ferriss

Robert Fick
Prince Fielder
Luis Figueroa
Rollie Fingers
Gavin Floyd
Keith Foulke
Julio Franco
John Franco
Jeff Francoeur
John Frascatore
Ryan Freel
Choo Freeman
Alejandro Friere
Brian Fuentes
Rafael Furcal
Gary Gaetti
Eric Gagne
Mike Gallegos
Freddy Garcia
Karim Garcia
Luis C. Garcia
Nomar Garciaparra

Brett Gardener
Jon Garland

Adrian "Smokey" Garrett
Dave Gassner
Jody Gerut

Jason Giambi
Jay Gibbons
Kirk Gibson
Benji Gil
Troy Glaus
Ross Gload

Carlos Gomez
Chris Gomez
Dicky Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez
Tom Gordon
Tom Gorzelanny
Jason Grabowski
Tony Graffanino
Shawn Green
Khalil Greene
Todd Greene
Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken Griffey Sr.
Jeremy Griffiths
Marquis Grissom
Ozzie Guillen

Franklin Gutierrez
Freddy Guzman
Jeff Hairston
Bill Hall
Roy Halladay
Brad Halsey
Mike Hampton
Josh Hancock
Rich Harden
JJ Hardy
Mike Hargrove
Denny Harriger
Jeff Harris
Corey Hart
Chad Harville
Scott Hatteberg
Brad Hawpe
Rick Helling
Todd Helton
Rickey Henderson
Jim Hendry
Brad Hennessey
Ramon Hernandez
Orel Hershiser
Bobby Higginson
Bobby Hill
Shea Hillenbrand
Clay Hinsley
Butch Hobson
Denny Hocking
Trevor Hoffman
Aaron Holber
Todd Hollandsworth
Mike Holtz
Ryan Howard
Bob Howry
Ken Huckaby
Tim Hudson

Torii Hunter
Jimmy Hurst

Woody Huyke
Adam Hyzdu

Kei Igawa
Tadahito Iguchi
Omar Infante
Brandon Inge
Mike James
Geoff Jenkins
Bobby Jenks
Doug Jennings
Jason Jennings
Todd Jennings
Geoff Jenkins
Bobby Jenks
Derek Jeter
Kenji Johjima
Ben Johnson
Charles Johnson
Dan Johnson
Davey Johnson
Mark Johnson
Mike Johnston
Andruw Jones
Chipper Jones
Todd Jones
Brian Jordan
Al Kaline
Steve Karsay

Matt Kata
Randy Keisler

Matt Kemp
Jason Kendall
Jeff Kent
Jason Kershner
Ian Kinsler
Randy Knorr
Paul Konerko
Corey Koskie
Rick Kranitz
Roger LaFrancois
Gene Lamont
Tony LaRussa
Tommy Lasorda
Matt  Lawton
Ricky Ledee
Bill Lee
Carlos Lee
Derrek Lee
Jim Lefebvre
Jon Lester

Al Leiter
Cory Lidle
Jon Lieber
Mike Lieberthal
Jeff Liefer
Kerry Ligtenberg
Ted Lilly
Jose Lima

Tim Lincecum
Jose Lind
Todd Linden
Pat Listach
Esteban Loaiza
Kameron Loe
Kenny Lofton
Nook Logan
George Lombard
Brian Looney
Javy Lopez
Rodrigo Lopez
Derek Lowe
Sparky Lyle
Alejandro Machado
Dave Machemer
Rob Mackowiak

Joe Maddon
Greg Maddux
Mike Maddux
Chad Magruder
Ron Mahay
Gary Majewski
Mark Malaska
Jeff Manto
Mike Maroth
Andy Marte

Russell Martin
Anastacio Martinez
Buck Martinez
Dennis Martinez

Justin Masterson
Scott Mathieson
Luis Matos

Hideki Matsui
Gary Matthews, Jr.
Don Mattingly

Darrell May
Willie Mays
Brandon McCarthy
Lloyd McClendon
John McDonald
Keith McDonald
Kevin Mcglinchy
Hal McRae
Brian Meadows
Bob Melvin
Kent Mercker
Cla Meredith

Lou Merloni
Jose Mesa

Chris Michalak
Aaron Miles
Corky Miller
Kevin Millar
Damian Miller

Dyar Miller

Eric Milton
Travis Minix
Doug Mirabelli
Angel Miranda
Chad Moeller
John Montefusco
Rich Monteleone
Jose Morban
Russ Morman
Bill Mueller
Terry Mulholland

Masanori Murakami
Glenn Murray
Mike Mussina
Greg Myers
Charles Nagy

Yoshihisa Naruse
David Newhan
Lance Niekro
Will Nieves
Dave Nilsson
CJ Nitkowski
Laynce Nix
Trot Nixon
Greg Norton
Phil Norton

Ed Nottle
Abraham Nunez
Wes Obermueller
Jose Offerman

Hideki Okajima
John Olerud
Darren Oliver
Magglio Ordonez
Ramon Ortiz
David Ortiz
Lyle Overbay
Juan Padilla
Dean Palmer
Jim Palmer
Jon Papelbon
Lance Parrish
Corey Patterson
Josh Paul
Ronny Paulino
Carlos Pena
Troy Percival
Odalis Perez
Oliver Perez
Matt Perisho
Gerald Perry
Johnny Pesky
Roberto Petagine
Josh Phelps
Ken Phelps
Mike Piazza
Jorge Piedra
Juan Pierre
AJ Pierzynski
Joel Pineiro
Lou Piniella
Placido Polanco
Cliff Politte

Jeremy Powell
Jorge Posada
Scott Proctor
Todd Pratt
Jim Price
Curtis Pride
Mike Quade
Ryan Radmanovich
Tim Raines
Arasmis Ramirez
Hanley Ramirez
Joe Randa
Willie Randolf
Chris Ray
Desi Relaford
Mike Restovich
Jose Reyes

Tuffy Rhodes
Ricardo Rincon
Royce Ring
Alex Rios
Armando Rios
Brian Roberts
Alex Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez
Tony Rodriguez
Jimmy Rollins
JC Romero
Pete Rose Jr.
Aaron Rowand
Ryan Rupe
Jim Rushford
Nolan Ryan
CC Sabathia
Ray Sadler
Tim Salmon
Juan Samuel
Jared Sandberg
Danny Sandoval
Benito Santiago
Jose Santiago
Victor Santos

Dane Sardinha

Dennis Sarfate
Jeff Sauerbeck
Scott Schoeneweis
Mike Scioscia
Todd Self
Richie Sexson

John Shelby
Rick Short

Brian Sikorski
Buck Showalter
Grady Sizemore
Termel Sledge
Lee Smith
John Smoltz
Chris Snusz
Chris Snyder
Zach Sorensen
Alfonso Soriano
Juan Sosa

Geovany Soto
Matt Stairs
Bob Stanley
Adam Stern
Jeff Suppan
Brian Sweeney
Mark Sweeney
Mike Sweeney
Jon Switzer
So Taguchi
Bruce Tanner
Mark Teahen
Miguel Tejada
Kent Tekulve

Garry Templeton
Nate Teut
Jim Thome
Mike Thompson
Matt Thornton
Joe Thurston
Luis Tiant

Kevin Tolar
Jose Tolentino
Joe Torre
Steve Torrealba
Yorvit Torrealba
Salomon Torres
Alan Trammell

Matt Treanor
Tom Trebelhorn
Michael Tucker
Bob Uecker
BJ Upton
Chase Utley
Javier Valentin
Jose Valentin
Bobby Valentine
Joe Valentine
Fernando Valenzuela
Jermaine Van Buren
Jason Varitek
Javier Vazquez
Frank Velasquez
Fernando Vina
Jose Vizcaino
Omar Vizquel

Kazuhiro Wada

Billy Wagner

Tim Wakefield
Pete Walker
Todd Walker
Tyler Walker
John Wasdin
Jarrod Washburn

Tommy Watkins
Bob Watson
Matt Watson
David Weathers
Jeff Weaver
Jered Weaver
Todd Wellemeyer

David Wells
Turk Wendell
Jayson Werth
John Wetteland
Rondell White
Matt Whiteside
Ernie Whitt
Chris Widger
Bernie Williams
Shad Williams
Spin Williams
Scott Williamson
Dontrelle Willis

Bobby Wilson
Jack Wilson
Vance Wilson
Mookie Wilson
Randy Winn
Matt Winters
Matt Wise
Kevin Witt
Randy Wolff
Ron Wotus

David Wright
Butch Wynegar

Takeshi Yamasaki
Kevin Youkilis

Delwyn Young
Dimitri Young
Eric Young
Michael Young
Gregg Zaun
Barry Zito

Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends and Eerie Events exploes stories of ghosts, curses, legends, superstitions and eerie events. A collection of "otherworldly" stories gathered from players, stadium personnel, umpires, front-office folks, and fans, "Haunted Baseball" explores the sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, sometimes spooky connection between baseball and the paranormal. From haunted stories from the Pfister Hotel and Renaissance Vinoy to ghost stories from Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Progressive Field, Petco Park, Fenway Park, Tropicana Field, the Rogers Centre and many other haunted ballparks and baseball sites. Haunted Baseball also captures curse stories from the famous Chicago Cubs Curse of the Billy Goat to a player curse on Jose Lima to  to clubhouse poltergeists to departed Hall-of-Famers who don't know the game is over, "Haunted Baseball" is full of fun, quirky stories that will please skeptics and believers alike.
Haunted Baseball

Lyon Press

ISBN-13: 9781599210223

Baseball keeps the spirit of the past more ways than one. Just about every clubhouse buzzes with stories of ghosts, curses, legends, superstitions and eerie events. Fans, too, have developed their own folklore about their favorite teams and players. Until now, these stories have never been collected.


"Haunted Baseball" explores this entertaining area of baseball mythology. A collection of "otherworldly" stories gathered from players, stadium personnel, umpires, front-office folks, and fans, "Haunted Baseball" explores the sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, sometimes spooky connection between baseball and the paranormal. From haunted hotels to clubhouse poltergeists to departed Hall-of-Famers who don't know the game is over, "Haunted Baseball" is full of fun, quirky stories that will please skeptics and believers alike.

Field of Screams: Haunted Tales from the Baseball Diamond, the Locker Room and Beyond. The follow up to Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends and Eerie Events. Both are collections of ghost stories from ballparks and hotels, and curses beyond the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs. Readers learn the surprising truth about the buried David Ortiz jersey and ghost stories from haunted ballparks including Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park, Angels Stadium, Tiger Stadium, and many more. Readers will enjoy ghost stories surrounding Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente and Ty Cobb, along with haunted baseball venues in Japan and Latin America.
Field of Screams

ISBN-13: 9781599218564

Field of Screams captures the sometimes bone-chilling, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes hilarious stories that make their way around clubhouses, team buses and water coolers. The authors document more of the fun folklore that surrounds the game but to which fans have not previously had access. Inside these pages we learn the surprising truth about the buried David Ortiz jersey at the new Yankee Stadium and the foul details about the Yankees community thong. You’ll hear spine-tingling stories about the corridors underneath Angel Stadium and about the late Georgia Peach running the bases at Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park. Babe Ruth’s granddaughter talks about the miracles her grandfather spins on an almost daily basis. And Pittsburgh Pirates players and alums share stories about the haunted Roberto Clemente room. Casting a wider net than Haunted Baseball, the authors explore rumors of ghosts, voodoo, evil spirits, monster forces and shift-shaping demons in and around baseball facilities in Asia and Latin America.

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